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US presidential candidate Sanders with heart problems in the hospital

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has temporarily suspended his campaign because of heart problems.


Justin Trudeau before parliamentary election in Canada under pressure

Justin Trudeau hopes in a few weeks for a re-election to the Prime Minister. However, his record after the four years of government..


Explosive text messages press Trump into Ukraine affair

A new publication is sparking the debate over possible abuse of power by US President Donald Trump. The Democrats see themselves confirmed.


Hearing on allegations of corruption against Netanyahu ended in Israel

In Israel, a four-day judicial hearing on the allegations of corruption against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come to an end.


Trump puts on blockade in Ukraine affair: prosecution threatens

In the US, the dispute over a possible impeachment trial against President Donald Trump escalates. The White House now officially rejects any cooperation with the ongoing preliminary investigation. In other words, there are no documents or statements from government employees. The New York Times spoke of a declaration of war. It could play into the hands of the president's opponents


The disenchanted favorite: Ukraine affair bothers Joe Biden

Joe Biden looks nervous. When a reporter addresses the Democratic presidential candidate a few days ago on his role in the Ukraine affair - and a potential conflict of interest, the former US Vice President reacts gruffly. "There was no evidence of conflict of interest, either in Ukraine or elsewhere. Point, "says Biden.



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