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Justin Trudeau before parliamentary election in Canada under pressure


Justin Trudeau hopes in a few weeks for a re-election to the Prime Minister. However, his record after the four years of government is rather mixed, it is partly due to the tightrope walk around the raw material and energy policy in the oil-rich country.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has to face re-election in three weeks. Compared to his landslide victory in 2015, however, the maps are now distributed differently. Trudeau can no longer rest on its promise to bring a fresh breeze to Canada's politics. The telegenic prime minister, who among other things made it onto the cover of the US lifestyle magazine Rolling Stone, has to stick to his strategy if he wants to win the election.
Justin Trudeau, son of longtime Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, had a surprise victory in the 2015 Canadian general election. He was in the polls behind the Conservative Acting Prime Minister Stephen Harper located and could still bring the governing majority for the Liberal Party. His cabinet made for worldwide headlines afterwards. The ministers consisted of members of different ethnicities and denominations - and half of the Cabinet members were women. He wanted to present a Canada that "looks like Canada," said Trudeau at the time of the inauguration.
For the now three-time father, the career as a politician came over detours. He had studied literature, education and engineering. Professionally, he worked as an actor, mathematics teacher and bouncer. Finally, in 2007, for the first time, he appeared in the electoral district of Papineau, in French-speaking Montreal, for election to the Canadian Liberals. Under the government of Prime Minister Harper, he worked as a minister in the shadow cabinet. The party leadership of the Liberals he took over in 2013.



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