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Hearing on allegations of corruption against Netanyahu ended in Israel

In Israel, a four-day judicial hearing on the allegations of corruption against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come to an end. The head of state's lawyers said on Monday evening that they had all argued. The allegations against Netanyahu would have to be dropped in their view now.
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit had interviewed the head of state's lawyers on allegations of bribery, fraud, and unfaithfulness. Netanyahu himself was not present. After the hearing, Mandelblit decides whether to bring charges against Netanyahu. The decision is expected in the coming weeks.
Netanyahu, who is currently seeking a new government formation, would not have to resign in a lawsuit. A resignation would only be required for a final conviction.
Netanyahu speaks of "witch hunt"
Netanyahu is under investigation for a series of allegations. The lawyer is said to have granted the telecom company Besek advantages in the regulation so that the same boss led news website "Walla" reports positively about him.
In addition, the Prime Minister is said to have sought a collusion with the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot. It's also about Netanyahu and his family having received rich gifts from rich personalities for financial and personal benefits.
Netanyahu has rejected the allegations. He speaks of a politically motivated "witch hunt", with which he should be pushed out of office.



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