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The disenchanted favorite: Ukraine affair bothers Joe Biden

Joe Biden looks nervous. When a reporter addresses the Democratic presidential candidate a few days ago on his role in the Ukraine affair - and a potential conflict of interest, the former US Vice President reacts gruffly. "There was no evidence of conflict of interest, either in Ukraine or elsewhere. Point, "says Biden.
Pampiger Nachsatz: "I will not answer that." The reporter should focus on the president and his wrongdoing, Biden outraged. A few days later, the 76-year-old Democrat tries the counter-strategy. In an aggressive campaign appearance in the US state of New Hampshire, he devotes his entire speech Donald Trump and the Ukraine crisis and calls for the first time open the impeachment of the President. He struggles with a liberation - in the face of a flagging campaign.
Warren picks up
The Ukraine affair has become an increasing burden for Biden. And it's not his only problem: His in-party rival in the race for a presidential candidacy, the Senator Elizabeth Warren (70), has caught up in recent weeks in polls and temporarily outscored Biden. For months, Biden was the clear favorite, with a very large gap.
In the night of Wednesday, the two meet in the US state of Ohio, when the Democratic presidential candidates contest their fourth television debate. Since the third debate in Texas in mid-September, a lot has shifted in the Democratic race.



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