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Trump wants to meet anonymous whistleblower and threatens consequences


US President Donald Trump has threatened whistleblowers in the affair for possible abuse of power "big consequences". In a series of tweets, the Republican wrote on Sunday evening (local time) that he wanted to face the anonymous whistleblower, who had launched a scandal that could lead to impeachment of Trump.
According to a media report, the whistleblower is under the protection of federal authorities. Against the informer from the secret service threats have been received, the broadcaster CBS reported on Sunday.
"Like any American, I deserve to meet my accuser," Trump tweeted. The whistleblower presented a "perfect conversation" with the President of Ukraine in a "completely inaccurate and fraudulent manner" and also presented "second-hand and third-hand information". He also wanted to meet the person who "passed on wrong information" to the whistleblower. "Did that person spy on the US president? Big consequences! "Trump tweeted.
Trump is accused of abuse of power
Against Trump, among other allegations of abuse of power have become loud. Democrats in the US House of Representatives have opened investigations into possible impeachment. At the center of the affair is a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj at the end of July, during which Trump encouraged his counterpart to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.



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